Social Networking Faux Pas

Hey Guys,

Tori here! Yay! I finally get to post! Hehe. I am Matt’s operations manager/co-owner of the blog. While Matt speaks about financial advising, which I am still learning about, I get to talk about other stuff. =)

So today, I want to talk about social networking. I am TERRIBLE at it! At least for a business. I know how to run my OWN social networks, but aside from talking to my college & hs buddies and my family, I don’t really get to network. I guess I never need to. Now I’ve been put in charge of the social networking and I feel like the minions from “Despicable Me”….”whhaaaaatttt?” lol.

How do you guys do this? Blog and facebook and tweet and go on linkedin and STILL know what to talk about? I am very much still learning! I’m one of the youngest people in this office as well as the other offices we have and it is me who has been given this task. I feel honored but at the same time, I’m scared. I don’t want to mess it up. When you’re young, I feel like everyone who is older and doesn’t have your position is looking for you to fail. (Not everyone, of course, but there are definitely some!) I am very excited though! I feel like this is going to be a good thing! I feel like we will be able to make some good connections on here while also generating new business.

It’s crazy because I went from having a nice, pleasant job to getting let go and unemployed for 7mo, almost losing my car, lost my apartment and had to move back home, to working for a successful financial advisor as the operations manager, getting caught up on all my bills, and moving back out soon! I don’t know if you guys believe in God or a higher power or thin air, but I surely believe in God and I feel that God has blessed me!

Now if only God could show me how to do this social networking thing, I’d be super happy! Haha!

Welp, it’s Friday! What is everyone doing this weekend? I would like to have a relaxing one…I hope everyone else does, too!

TTFN- ta ta for now! =)




About moorefinancialservicesgroup

My name is Matthew Moore and I am the founder and president of Moore Financial Services Group, LLC. I have been helping individuals and their families for over 13 years and I believe that communcation and interaction with his clients, on a regular basis, is the key to understanding their financial planning needs and assisting them in realizing their dreams and aspirations. Our firm covers all areas of financial management, from investment and retirement planning to risk management and estate conservation. I believe that at the nucleus of a successful retirement plan must be a comprehensive, cohesive financial strategey. This stategy must be tailor-made to fit each individuals unique needs, thus enabling it to meet both short and long term objectives. Each client is given watchful attention, monitoring their progress and making adjustments as necessary for a changing economic climate.
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